CGI feature “MiBots” to be launched by enteraintment marketing leader “Feref”

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Press release:

Wise Blue Studios is excited to announce that its CGI family animation feature film MiBots, from producers Nathalie Martinez and ex-Disney executive Jamie Thomason, has engaged with Feref to market and establish the brand IP, as part of their special independent films partnership with the film’s international sales agent, Evolutionary Films.

Producer and CEO of Wise Blue Studios, Nathalie Martinez, said “I always envisioned the global potential of MiBots as more than one single movie. To achieve our vision, we engaged in some strategic alliances. During EFM we announced key partnership with international sales agent Evolutionary Films. Today, proudly announcing Feref coming on board with an exciting plan to launch the MiBots brand.”

CEO of Feref, Graham Hawkey-Smith said “Feref, the world’s leading entertainment marketing agency, is delighted to be working with Wise Blue Studios and Evolutionary Films on the development of MiBots, a new global entertainment franchise.  Having established a Script-to-Screen-to-Store model for brands like Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney Princess, Feref is working with Evolutionary Films to revolutionize the way entertainment brands are created”.

Scheduled for release in 2021, the screenplay for the MiBots is being written by Rob Edwards, writer of the Academy Award nominated Treasure Planet and the Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated The Princess and the Frog amongst numerous others, based on an original story by Spanish writer Maxi Valero.

Evolutionary Films Marketing director, Alistair Audsley said “Feref’s existing relationships with toy manufacturers, licensees and potential partner brands, means the MiBots brand can be well-established in the market, and minds of consumers, well before the first movie is released”.

Animation production is well underway at Wise Blue Studios in Spain and Evolutionary Films recently returned from Cannes having secured early pre-sales for the franchise across a number of territories.

“Having met the Wise Blue Studios and Evolutionary Films teams, we can see that MiBots has huge potential both in terms of an on-screen and in-store brand.  The team at Feref is excited about creating a new entertainment franchise, and using our 50 years of experience and global relationships to make MiBots a famous and highly desirable brand,” added Graham Hawkey-Smith.

Producer and ex Disney executive, Jamie Thomason said “It’s so exciting to be working with Feref.  To be approached by the giants of their industry and have them tell you that they are so excited to work with MiBots is flattering. To hear them say they want to do for MiBots what they’ve done for the likes of Star Wars, Marvel and Disney franchises, is beyond humbling.”

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