In “Four Seasons”, Mario is a film geek, love addict, and college dropout with a less-than-impressive resume, who’s facing an identity crisis at the end of his twenties while living with his grandpa. Mario delivers pizzas. He’s one of the many surviving off his tips by working at Pizzicato, a pizza shop owned by one nasty, sleazy boss and the kind of place you would only dare order food from at gunpoint. However, Pizzicato is also the setting for this humble, little big tale of delivers to strange clients and of young people searching for love, friendship, and their place in life. Throughout all four seasons, where we’ll laugh and be moved by the little things that make up the world of the staff and especially Mario, our hero, who’s fallen hard for Mariona -an Audrey Hepburn look-alike- after bringing her a pizza that will change both of their lives. Mariona is our girl.


  • Original title: Cuatro Estaciones
  • Running time: 90min.
  • Original language: Spanish
  • Release date: 2010


  • Producers
    • Nathalie Martinez
    • Ramon Colom
    • Maxi Valero
  • Written by Marcel Barrena
  • Directed by Marcel Barrena


  • Leticia Dolera
  • David Verdaguer
  • Sergio Caballero
  • Rikar Gil
  • Jordi Vilches


  • Wise Blue Studios
  • Sagrera Audiovisual
  • Radio Televisió Valenciana RTVV
  • Televisió de Catalunya TV3
  • Somnia Ars